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3 Facebook Posts Real Estate Prospects Can’t Resist

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3 Facebook Posts Real Estate Prospects Can’t Resist

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If you don’t go where the people are, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage before you even get started

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Key Takeaways

  • Combine Facebook ad targeting and organic actions to yield massive results.Key Takeaways
  • Take advantage of video to build a deeper, more lasting connection with your audience.

You already know that Facebook is the most effective tool for getting leads flowing into your business.  But what’s working right now? We checked in with three agents to see what strategies are getting them results and leads today!  Each took a different approach to the content they shared and had one super important thing in common: Facebook ads.  No matter how small your marketing budget, you can have massive success with $1-$30 on Facebook as long as your pair your campaign with some organic actions.  Check it out!


There was a time when contests and competitions dominated the social media sphere. In 2017, however, this might seem like an outdated marketing practice.

New York agent Kyle Hiscock might beg to differ, though. Check out the results of this Facebook giveaway he did.

Hiscock simply made a prize and enticed people to play a little game. He asked them to comment on his post and guess the price of the new listing. Hiscock was able to secure four legitimate leads from these posts. But there’s more to it.

What good is a giveaway if people don’t see it? Plus, what’s someone going to do with a Wegmans gift card if that store isn’t in there area? Hiscock solved both of these issues with a single step: Facebook ad targeting.

He used $15 to boost his post and set the geographic to a radius that makes sense. Really, only people within your serviceable range should be shown your ads.

You can also adjust the age and income parameters to match that of your best clients, as well as target key behaviors of your ideal audience, such as “likely to move.”

After Hiscock set himself up for success, the comments started to roll in. He then used Messenger to personally reach out to each one of these prospects.

Messenger gives you the power to “shake hands” with a huge audience. It puts people at your fingertips that would have, once upon a time, taken weeks of networking and schmoozing to reach.

If you don’t go where the people are, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage before you even get started.

When paired together, both paid advertising and organic actions are going to give you the greatest return.

Running a giveaway and messaging every person who commented are examples of organic efforts that get results, and these actions were even more successful for Hiscock because he boosted his post to reach a prime audience.

A good deal

This ad campaign generated $6 leads for foreclosure properties. We’ve had agents successfully convert these leads into clients for non-foreclosure properties. The foreclosure angle is just a hook to get people more interested in talking with you.

The point is, the ad offers a good deal and something that’s totally useful for the intended audience. This works well for attracting both investors who want to partner with an agent and buyers looking for a deal.

This post also uses a done-for-you formula. You’re offering folks something of value and you’ve already done the work for them!

Video continues to dominate

This one comes from our friend Cole Holley from Holley Real Estate.

Basically, Cole Holley is a huge advocate of using drone footage to highlight properties and their surrounding area.

This is a great way to take advantage of how Facebook is prioritizing video these days, too.
In Holley’s case, he managed to get both the buyer and the seller on this listing. The person who saw his video ad called him directly and didn’t have an agent! Holley walked away with a cool 8 percent commission.

Also, if you’re looking for a cost effective long-term strategy for promotion always consider video.

It’s very common to get a cost per view of around $0.01 which is insanely cheap advertising. Even if your video doesn’t generate immediate lead generation results, they work very well for effective brand exposure. Drone not required.

Video is the most powerful and direct way for you to connect with your audience. Video marketing is so effective because people become attached to you much faster than through text.

It’s the closest we can get to having a human experience online.

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