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Facebook marketing secret? Give ‘em what they want

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Facebook marketing secret? Give ‘em what they want

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According to the “Hardcore Closer” Ryan Stewman, real estate professionals go about social media marketing the wrong way: They post listings and info about their business instead of tapping into the interests of their potential clients.

Stewman says there are three things agents can do to improve their lead generation efforts and move away from the endless stream of self-promoting posts:

  • First, they should pay attention to trending topics to come up with engaging content to post on Facebook. The platform’s Trending module lists the topics that currently interest their audience, factoring in location and friends’ timelines, among other things, to display a unique list of topics.
  • Next, they should follow the 80:20 rule when posting, meaning 80 percent of content is non-promotional and based on audience interests identified via the Trending module, and the remaining 20 percent can be promotional. Ultimately, this means only one out of every five posts should promote their real estate business.
  • Finally, they should embrace what Stewman calls the “E3 method,” or experience, extract and engage. This strategy means taking a real estate experience, extracting a lesson from it, and sharing it exponentially.

Source: Inman News (09/29/17) Hiban, Pat; Piercey, Staton

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