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Influencers can boost your real estate biz

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Influencers can boost your real estate biz

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NEW YORK – May 17, 2017 – Real estate agents would be wise to seek out influencers – those people who can start viral conversations on social media. An influencer can be a journalist, celebrity, popular blogger or marketing professional. Influencers are often highly cited and respected professionals whose opinions shape the industry, and they usually have an extended network of followers.

Influencer relationships can help agents in two ways:

  • traditional media mentions, such as in newspapers and online publications
  • social media mentions on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook

To engage influencers, agents must identify them and build relationships. There are a number of platforms that can help if agents don’t already know personally. These include:

  • Boostinsider allows brands to pay influencers for shares on social media and offers access to the most influential celebrities in a number of industries and the biggest stars on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms;
  • Time Inc. Connec is an editorially led influencer community powered by Speakr’s influencer media-buying platform
  • Dovetale allows users to discover, manage, measure and pay influencers for branded content.

Agents also can find and engage with influencers on their own, using social media tools such as Follwerwonk and Klout. They can also browse Twitter to find relevant profiles based on hashtags and trending topics.

After identifying the influencers, agents should follow them and listen before they engage, which involves retweeting their posts, replying with meaningful ideas, mentioning them in their tweets, reading their blogs and complimenting them on their work, among other things.

Ultimately, the goal of having an influencer talk about their brand is credibility, as fans and followers of influencers will trust them as well, potentially leading to more organic site visits, less money spent on traditional advertising, and boosted direct revenue.

Source: RealtyBizNews (05/09/17) Steffens, Lili

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