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NAR-Backed Safety Device Wins on ‘Shark Tank’

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NAR-Backed Safety Device Wins on ‘Shark Tank’

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WASHINGTON – April 17, 2017 – The inventors of a device that makes it easy for Realtors and others to call for help in an emergency found an investor on ABC’s “Shark Tank” television show.

The inventors received an offer of $100,000 from investor Barbara Corcoran – a real estate guru and 2012 speaker at Florida Realtors Convention and Trade Expo. The device, called Guard Llama, was also part of the National Association of Realtors® (NAR) Second Century Ventures, a “strategic investment arm.” It caught NAR’s eye in 2015 and became part of its growth technology accelerator program known as REach.

Guard Llama is a mobile personal security system that expedites 9-1-1 dispatching when dialing 9-1-1 isn’t possible. Emergency situations often happen quickly, and a Realtor may not have time to unlock the phone, pull up the dialing function and punch in 9-1-1. With Guard Llama, it only takes the push of a button on an external device that communicates with the phone via Bluetooth.

NAR President William E. Brown congratulated the company on making their case before the Shark Tank panelists.

“The Guard Llama team should be proud of their accomplishment,” Brown says. “Pitching a product is no small task, especially in front of well-known business leaders on national television, but the Guard Llama team did fantastic.”

NAR established a Realtor Safety Program to empower and inform members of the potential risks they face in this profession, as well as how to navigate them safely. According to NAR’s 2016 Member Safety Report, 95 percent of Realtors have never been the victim of crime, but 39 percent found themselves in situations where they feared for their safety. Smart phone apps and devices are among the popular safety tools for real estate agents.

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