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Photographers see real estate as a new niche

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Photographers see real estate as a new niche

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Nov. 15, 2016 – At one time, Realtors and their point-and-shoot cameras secured most of the images used in real estate ads and the local MLS. But real estate photography companies are emerging as one of the fastest-growing segments of the business.

“It’s now an industry that photographers take seriously,” says Mike McCaw, CEO and founder of Spacecrafting, a Minnesota-based real estate photography company. He and other photographers say the rise of real estate photography specialists is an extension of the emergence of e-commerce.

Whether looking for a light bulb or $500,000 house, consumers expect to see high-quality photos when they go online.

In addition, buyers don’t just view real estate photos online. If a home strikes their interest, they often download photos, enlarge them and share them.

“There’s no limits to buyer expectations,” says Brian Balduf, founder and president of VHT, one of the country’s largest real estate photography companies. “If the house photos aren’t stunning and attention-grabbing, buyers are just going to move on.”

Balduf says today’s buyers also expect video, aerial photos and floor plans, and his company also offers virtual tours and software that can digitally stage a house without ever painting a wall or moving furniture.

Source: Northwest Arkansas Democrat Gazette (11/14/2016) Buchta, Jim

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